Citing coronavirus outbreak, Trump says US has ‘passed the peak’

Citing coronavirus outbreak, Trump says US has ‘passed the peak’

With the number of active cases crossing 6,32,000, Trump says US has ’passed the peak’ of the pandemic coronavirus outbreak.

President Donald Trump’s views on the number of infections

On 15 April 2020, President Donald Trump conducts a press briefing at the White House concerning the coronavirus task force.

Initially, Trump requests all the citizens of the US to remain vigilant during this uncertain phase. And, he also feels that their aggressive strategy to contain the spread of the virus is working. Further, Trump states that the battle against the pandemic continues. And, referring to data of active cases, he admits that the nation has passed the peak on active cases of virus.

Trump says that the cases are declining in the hotspot of the country ‘New York’. The city contains the most number of coronavirus cases. Further, he states that other states are not aware of what’s happening in the infected states because they are not going through it. Subsequently, he claims that the unaffected states are in excellent shape. Lastly, he claims that there are 29 states that are in extremely good shape, and the others are recovering well.

Since the last six days, there is a decline in the number of new cases across the entire country. There are less than 1,000 cases in nine states and report less than 30 incidents of coronavirus per day.


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