How to turn off face unlock on your smartphone when you are wearing a face mask

Most people enable face lock features on their mobile phones to unlock their phones. However, now we all are wearing masks while we are going out, and it is tough to unlock the phone while wearing a mask. If you are running through this problem with the face id feature, then you can disable this feature from your phone. This feature quickly disabled from your android or iOS phone, and you can get back it on when you will not covering your face. You can use a password or a fingerprint sensor lock if you are not wearing gloves frequently. You can also use a pattern lock feature on your phone.

If you have an iPhone, then go to the settings section then press “face id and passcode.” your phone will ask your password. Once you provide the passcode, you will be able to toggle off “iPhone unlock on the next step. After this, your phone will default to a numeric password. Similarly, if you have an android set, then go to setting section to choose security to provide your password and toggle the button, “unlocking your phone to disable the face unlock feature. Similarly, following the same steps, you can get back to enable the face lock system whenever you want.

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