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Apple Airpods Pro all set to receive all new software update

The report said that Apple AirPods Pro and AirPods (second generation) are receiving a firmware update of the 3E751 version, which is the first update since September 2020. As with most Apple Audio firmware updates, the update cannot be applied manually. Automatically update when connected to a compatible source device (e.g. iPhone or iPad).

It is not clear what new features or changes will be included in the firmware update, but it may bring some improvements and fixes for general use. Experience two AirPods options. The MacRumors report mentioned the new firmware version number as 3E751, but did not provide any information about the changes that this update will make to the AirPods range.

Users can check the current firmware on AirPods Pro and AirPods (second generation) through the Bluetooth settings on their iOS devices. We checked the firmware update on the device for AirPods Pro review, but the update has not been applied at the time of writing. If the update cannot be manually forced, the user will have to wait for the update to be applied automatically. This will happen in due course when the headset is connected to a compatible source device.

The previous firmware version 3A283 for AirPods Pro and second-generation AirPods includes new features, including support for spatial audio and fast switching. The former provides directional audio positioning that supports content, while the latter allows users to quickly and easily switch between source devices such as iPhone, iPad, or Mac using any device. Recently, Apple released the AirPods Max in-ear headphones, priced at 59,900 rupees in India.

The next generation of AirPods is expected to be released with the iPhone 13 series currently under development later this year. You can define spatial audio settings in the “Bluetooth” menu of AirPods Pro. The post pointed out that this is the fifth firmware update since AirPiods Pro was released. As mentioned earlier, the 3A283 update includes spatial audio and switching functions. For the sake of clarity, spatial sound provides a theater-like sound. Experience 3D soundscape and flexible sound direction based on head movement. As the name suggests, through quick switching, AirPods Pro and second-generation AirPods can easily switch the connection between iPad, Mac and iPhone. Allow users to listen to podcasts on their iPad, and then easily switch to watching movies on Mac.

According to reports, it can be used with the existing iCloud pairing function of the H1 chip. IOS 14 and macOS Big Sur are also required, which means that Beta devices can make better use of these new features.

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