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EU citing raw material security issue: Experts warn to recycle


In an increasing number of e-waste regulatory efforts, reports funded by the United Nations and the European Union (EU) call for the recycling of critical e-waste into law. Electric vehicles, electric vehicles and other types of special batteries, as well as fluorescent lamps, are several electrical and electronic products that contain this key raw material (CRM).

The CEWaste consortium, supported by the European Union, pointed out in its report that the legal and enforceable obligations of recycling and reusing CRM in certain types of e-waste are critical. The consortium leads the Swiss-based World Resources Forum. The consortium said in a statement: “Recycling and reuse are essential to ensure the continued supply of regional electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) for defense, renewable energy, LED and other green technologies, and the competitiveness of European companies.

The report pointed out major mistakes and blunders in the standard and proposed an improved and fully tested certification system to collect, transport, process and recycle these wastes. The rest of the report recommends compliance assessment tools. He added that the EU’s legal framework and certification system, together with extensive financial measures, will stimulate the necessary investments to make the processing of key raw materials more economical and reduce Europe’s dependence on external resources. The report also considered.

The EU’s 2020 action plan was adopted to reduce Europe’s dependence on CRM in other countries/regions. He added: “Adopting the recommendations in this report can make the EU more self-sufficient, contribute to the global environmental agenda, and create new domestic business opportunities.” The alliance also recognizes the categories of high CRM concentration equipment that need to be recycled, such as B. PCBs used in IT equipment, hard disk drives and optical drives, WEEE batteries and used cars, and phosphor cathode ray tubes.

The consortium also required the establishment of a platform to enable recyclable components, materials and CRM requirements to meet the supply, integrate part of CRM-rich products, make them more attractive to recyclers, and comply with the rich Including some regulations for shipping to foreign countries like United States.

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