Microsoft All-Set To Release The First Windows 11 Preview Build


Microsoft to announce that the following version of Office for Windows 11 will be having a native 64-bit Arm version. It is for improved performance on deep or picture-filled documents as well as support for 64-bit add-ins. The new version of Office is in beta at this point, available to Office Insiders.

Microsoft also declared a redesign of Office, which can be seen. While it adopts a similar design to Windows 11, it will be ready whether you are running the Windows 11 Preview or operating Windows 10. Additionally, the new layout, Office, will further adapt to our Windows light / dark theme, so we can avoid the experience of starting a document and having it blast light into our eyes at night times.

Windows 11 will not run on many current Windows machines. We learned that only specific processors would be supported, only 64-bit machines will be supported, and only devices with a TPM chip run Windows 11.

TPM stands for Trusted Platform Module, and its role is to guard data used to authenticate the PC we are using. TPMs are found in many various types of devices, but we will focus on PCs here. These can also be used to maintain platform integrity, facilitate disk encryption, store numerous passwords and certificates. The list continues. TPM chips are pretty helpful from a total system security viewpoint, and that’s something Microsoft feels it needs to drive with Windows 11.

Windows is the popular OS globally, which has made it a comparatively easy target for hackers. By making TPM 2.0 a requirement, Microsoft expects to make hackers’ lives just that little bit harder.

If the CPU does not natively support TPM 2.0, one option is that we can add a separate physical module to the machine to upgrade its support. We need to check the motherboard manual to make sure there is an SPI TPM 2.0 header present, and it would be a case of tracking down a compatible module.

Stay tuned for more updates!!

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