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OnePlus to give free Nord 2 to fans via Ambassador program

OnePlus Nord 2 will have a MediaTek processor

OnePlus Nord 2 5G is about to launch. Earlier, OnePlus announced the Nord Ambassador Program to reach out to potential customers and enthusiasts and unite them in the community. The Chinese company promises to provide Nord Ambassadors members with benefits including free use of OnePlus Nord equipment. OnePlus essentially aims to attract Nord fans by holding new shows, a method similar to the way that competitors, including Xiaomi, use their loyal and enthusiastic customers to promote their products.

OnePlus announced in a forum post that it will provide information about its upcoming products, exclusive content and event access through the Nord Ambassador Program. The company also said that every time it makes its debut, it will provide a new OnePlus Nord device for free.

“In the next few days and weeks, we will select some of you as the Nord Ambassadors. They will become part of the Nord team and have a dialogue in the Northern Sub-Forum, and represent us all over the world as community members,” the company said.

The exact details of how individuals participate in the Nord Ambassador Program have not yet been announced. However, OnePlus may bid for the new plan sometime before and after the launch of OnePlus Nord 2 5G, which is rumored to be held on July 24. A new OnePlus announcement will be issued immediately after OnePlus confirms it. Nord 2 5G will be your next-generation smartphone.

When confirming the phone, the company mentioned that it is powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 1200AI SoC. The on-chip AI hardware is used to enhance the photography experience, enhance the display effect and reduce the response time of the game. AI Photo Enhancement can detect up to 22 different scenes and apply the best settings for them, including the best settings for night scenes and other low-light scenes. AI linkage video enhancement mode enables Live HDR during video recording.

OnePlus stated that it has cooperated with MediaTek to improve the artificial intelligence (AI) functions of the existing Dimensity 1200 chip and implement them through the improved Dimensity 1200AI SoC used in Nord 2. The new model will be the company’s first mobile phone featuring a MediaTek processor. There is a MediaTek SoC because the company has so far been providing Qualcomm chips in its smartphones.

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