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ROG X13 Flow a powerhouse convertible laptop

ROG X13 Flow a powerhouse convertible laptop

ROG Flow X13 is a convertible from refined to radical. It weighs only 1.4 kg, but the build quality is first-rate, and the equipment feels sturdy and durable. The viewing area hardly bends, not even the keyboard. The base seems to be well assembled and does not cause unnecessary “kickback” when entering text.

ROG Flow X13 can be used for FullHD 120 Hz screens or 16:10 aspect ratio 4K 60 Hz panels. It has a 4K panel, which is as sharp as a katana at 338 PPI. The color is rich and vibrant, but if you use it on the balcony when the sun is at its best, the shiny surface can cause problems.

Compressing AMD 5980HS into this form factor is undoubtedly a technical masterpiece, but we are talking about Asus here. It is clearly designed for work, and although the basic speed is 3.3GHz, you can take it to a steep level of 4.8 GHz! This means that when it comes to clean performance and whatever you throw at it, it handles it with the elegance of an Olympic skater, it has the ability to ruin some competitors in the market when it comes to performance.

The chipset and Nvidia GTX 1650 MaxQ can provide good gaming performance, but an external graphic card with RTX 3080 (1,39,990 rupees) is a deadly combination, albeit very expensive. This combination is currently rare in the market, but so is the power supply. Literally, too, because it has its own integrated 280 W power supply. It also offers additional connection options such as Ethernet ports, multiple USB ports. It is estimated that when using the Asus set with RTX 3080, it achieved more than 100fps at 1440p in “Tomb Raider: Shadow”. Everything we throw is easy to handle and there are no annoying lags or any frame drops.

Its battery life is 18 hours, but when tested it recorded less than 10 hours in real-time. However, there is a quick charge, which can charge the device to 75% in about 45-50 minutes and fully charge it in one hour and fifteen minutes. The keyboard is what you usually expect from Asus, with excellent responsiveness and subtle white backlighting.

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