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Khloé Kardashian, Tristan Thompson and their reconciliation rumors!

Khloé Kardashian, the popular TV personality and model seems to be not okay without her ex-boyfriend, Tristan Thompson. The model is hence once again ready to give it a try and make it work with him. Thus, in order to grab the once more chance the NBA star has also stepped ahead to once again make apologies to Khloe and get her trust back.

One of the Insiders has said, “This may not be the most ideal situation given Khloé’s trust issues. But the couple is at a point where she’s desperate to make it work and he’s once again promised to do better.”

Also, Tristan via his Instagram handle has shared a post along with the caption, “Some people will judge you for changing. Some people will celebrate you for growing. Choose your circle wisely.”

Notably, Thompson is being constantly expressing his love and affection towards the model as he is the father to her daughter and also he pleads to her for the acts of deceiving he did.  Khloe has kept no such secrets rather than expanding her lovely family and a Source claims that Khloé wants Tristan Thomspon in True’s life and she is still holding on to the hope for her second kid. They are far from over.

The sources have clarified, “He also promised Khloé that things will be different this time around and that he signed with the Sacramento Kings to be closer to her and True, and be a proper family and she believes him.” Thus, this is clear that the NBA star has once again tried his best to promise Khloe that he would be maintaining the dignity of their relationship.”

However, recently, Khloe Kardashian and her ex-boyfriend, Tristian separated and thus were in the media headlines but Khloe predicted to be happy with her little daughter, True Thompson, 4, following her split.

The model made all realize that she is fixing herself to be focusing on her daughter’s upbringing. Khloe Kardashian, 36, has decided that she won’t be back with Thompson, 30, and is fine with being single. However, the exes are on the good terms are maintaining their harmonious bond yet.

However, after their official split, the model shared a cryptic note, via her Instagram profile.

Khloe posted a message noted on a pink-colored letterboard. This message basically mentioned, “I whisper WTF to myself at least 20 times a day.” Although, the TV star, later on after 24 hours removed this post from her Instagram story.

While speaking to the media, an insider told, “Tristan is doing well. He has nothing but love for his daughter, (3-year-old True), and nothing but love and respect for Khloe. They co-parent well together. He’d do anything for his baby girl.”

In June, this on and off couple was seen with their little three-year-old kid, True. True Thompson along with her parents was on lunch at Porto Bella restaurant in Calabasas, California.

In April 2020, the TV personality Sydney Chase accused Thompson of cheating on Khloe Kardashian and also stated that the NBA star enthusiastically refused to accept this instance.

In 2016, Khloe and Thompson started to date, and soon in 2018, they welcomed their daughter, True Thompson. However, later Tristan was caught cheating on Kardashian with multiple women, and notably, Khole and Thompson were yet together amid the scandal.

Later, in 2019 the player was caught kissing the former friend of Kylie Jenner, Jordyn Woods. In fact, these critics later lead Jenner to break her long-term friendship with Jordyn Woods, as the media reports suggest.

In June, the media confirmed that Khloe and Thompson ended their relationship nearly one year after their reunion. That time, an Insider noted, “They broke up a few weeks ago. They remain amicable toward each other and will continue to co-parent [True].”

The Insider added and clarified, “There was no drama that led to the split, insisting, things just didn’t work out.”

“Khloé and Tristan are not back together,” the insider says. “They get along well though. Khloé is happily co-parenting with him. She seems happy being single too. She is not interested in trying to have a relationship with Tristan right now.”

In June, the famous TV reality, Tana Mongeau wrote a tweet and the model reacted to this. Notably, Tana wrote, “All I know to tweet about my birthday party last night is that Tristan Thompson was one of the first attendees.”

The Youtube star also noted, “Like babe where’s true.”

In order to respond, the model liked a fan’s reaction and indirectly slammed the YouTuber. The response read, “Shut the f–k up. This screams attention-seeking at its [sic] finest bc you know damn well that man gon make headlines over anything pertaining to women.”

Although, Tane later apologized to this and wrote, “I will apologize for (mentioning True Thompson). I was just trying to make a joke. It was more so that it was Father’s Day. In hindsight, I shouldn’t have involved myself, and Khloé, I would like to take the time on this ‘Cancelled’ podcast to apologize to you.”

Further, Tane wrote, “I think you’re an amazing, powerful, strong woman who’s been through a lot. Khloe, I’m sorry. Tristan, I’m sorry.”

Further, on the Birthday of ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ star,  Khloe’s Birthday, the NBA star conveyed his wishes to her. He wrote, “Happy birthday @khloekardashian. Thank you for being not just an amazing partner, mommy, and best friend but also being the kindest, caring and most loving human being I’ve ever met.”

Tristan Thompson gushed through his Instagram post and stated, “Your love and spirit is contagious to all who’ve met you. Thank you for always being there for me and putting our family first. I love you so much. Have an amazing day.”

While sitting for an Interview, with Leomie Anderson on the podcast of the show, ‘Role Model,’ and she discussed that how tough it is to raise a black child in America. Khloe, thus, said, “I will be always learning and trying to do the best I can do as being her mom, but I’m obviously not a woman of color

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