United States: In a series of tweets over the weekend, American President Joe Biden boasted about the systematic fall in gas prices, a move that aims to increase his approval ratings. In the series of tweets distributed over the weekend, he told the American citizens that the national gas prices have gone down significantly over the last five weeks, accounting for a cumulative average of 60 cents per gallon over the past 38 days.

Currently, natural gas is priced at US $4.50 per gallon, according to a report by American Automobile Association (AAA).

Biden, whose approval rating has dropped extensively due to America’s fuel crunch, tweeted on Friday that gas prices have dropped by 60 cents over the past 38 days. He followed up with another tweet on Sunday, stressing that it was now 65 cents over 40 days. In a separate statement, America’s top leader said that he understood the value of every penny spent on fuel purchasing.

In a tweet, Biden was quoted saying, “I grew up in a family where if the price of gas went up, we felt it,”

The President tweeted on his personal Twitter account. “Gas prices have dropped since mid-June and should continue to come down in the days and weeks ahead. I know those extra dollars and cents mean something.”

Amid Russia’s war of attrition on Ukraine, America has cut the import of Russian natural gas to a significant level, causing a rise in the average prices of the much-valued fuel. In the middle of growing public disappointment, President Joe Biden is making the best use of his resources, trying to secure fuel supplies from alternative countries. Earlier this month, he made his first visit to Saudi Arabia, leaving experts to think that the visit was focused mainly on securing supplies.

However, the American President had emerged from these meetings without an immediate deliverable on oil production. Despite that, Biden remains optimistic that the countries will boost their global fuel supplies in the coming months.


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